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Our Mission

Ann Arbor Seeks Input to Shape Short-term Rental Property Policy

Dates, Locations and Times of Public Forums

  • Sunday, Oct. 6, 2-4 p.m. — AADL Westgate Branch, Westside Room, 2503 Jackson Ave. (AAATA bus routes 28, 30 and 32A)
  • Thursday, Oct. 10, 6-8 p.m. — AADL Traverwood Branch, Traverwood Program Room, 3333 Traverwood Drive (AAATA bus route 22)
  • Saturday, Oct. 12, 9:30-11:30 a.m. (library opens at 9 a.m.) — AADL Mallets Creek Branch, Mallets Creek Program Room, 3090 E. Eisenhower Parkway (AAATA bus routes 5 and 24)

Hi Everyone!
We’re a local group of concerned Ann Arbor residents who are experiencing the negative impact and growth of the short-term rental market in our residential neighborhoods. Our community is seeing an increasing number of unregulated short-term rental homes, condos and apartments, being used as a year round, for-profit income model by third party investors or absent owners. STR platforms including Airbnb, VRBO, Game Day and are proliferating, bringing in transients, parties, illegal activity, parking issues, lack of safety, garbage and noise. They are also depleting much needed affordable housing inventory in Ann Arbor. All this with no oversight, laws or legal ramifications drafted and enforced.

Third party investors are increasingly purchasing homes and converting them into dedicated STR’s. They do not live in our neighborhoods, and are rarely on the premise. Many ignore enforcement and do not respond to neighbors or community complaints. In Ann Arbor, there are no ordinances or laws in place which specifically hold STR owners accountable, with fines and legal repercussions issued. Airbnb and STR platforms accept no responsibility for nuisance or illegal practices, and “suggest neighbors and owners reach out and come to an amicable resolution.” Our community and neighborhoods are being used as a for-profit business in non-business zoned neighborhoods. And residents are paying the price.

Please sign our petition at the bottom of the page, and thanks for leaving a brief comment about your short term rental and Airbnb experiences.

We are aggressively pushing for a city-wide ordinance to be drafted into law by the end of November, 2019. We have shared with Council, P&Z and the Community Service manager Derek Delacourt, copies of successful legislation in cities and communities (see our Research tab) who limit STR’s to 30 days per calendar year, enforce owners of properties to be full-time residents and require one or more owners be present throughout an STR “guest” stay. This model of legislation has drastically reduced third party investors, discouraged existing owners from converting their properties into full-time STR’s, increased affordable housing inventory and reduced costly police enforcement and public nuisance filings.

Our goal is to gather petition signatures to submit to City Council and A2 legislators, demanding they act now. Please attend the upcoming STR / Airbnb Public Forums and share your experiences. Dates, times and locations are posted at the top of this page.

And lastly, we strongly suggest sharing your input with Ann Arbor City Council members by email: , the Community Services Administrator, and City Administrator Howard Lazarus . Thanks for getting involved!